Berthing rules

§ 1 These rules apply to the rights and obligations of the owner of the boat berth and docking in Pyysaari, the home port of HTPS.

§ 2 The agreement regarding the boat berth is valid continuously without a different agreement, until the owner of the boat or HTPS terminates it in writing. The termination by the owner of the boat takes effect after the owner’s/holder’s boat has left Pysaari or Pursiniemi and all contractual obligations have been fulfilled. However, the condition for keeping the boat berh is that the owner of the boat berh complies with these rules.

§ 3 HTPS is not responsible for damages occurring in the dock or harbour area.

§ 4 The owner of the boat berth is obliged to have his boat inspected and participate in the night guard duty of Pyysaari in accordance with the instructions given separately for the inspection and night guard. The owner of the boat docked in Pyysaari is obliged to participate in the docking of boats by doing at least one docking shift per season according to the instructions of the dock master.

§ 5 Boat berth fees for the summer season must be paid in advance no later than April 15 of each year. The docking fees for the winter season must be paid in advance by September 15 of each year at the latest.

§ 6 The boat may only be docked after payment of the berth fee (docking fee) has been made. Docking must be arranged well in advance each year with the HTPS dock master or harbor captain. If the owner of the boat does not need a docking place for the winter season, he must inform the club about it no later than September 1. Exception procedures must be agreed separately with the dock master or harbor captain. If the docking fee has not been paid and nothing else has been agreed upon, the club can take the next boat in line to the docking place.

When docking, you must follow the instructions given by the dock master and the harbor captain. A boat docked without permission can be moved back to the water at the responsibility and expense of the boat owner. The boat must be launched no later than June 10. The owner of the docking place must clean the docking place immediately after launching.

§ 7 The owner of the boat berth is responsible for any damage caused to the HTPS harbour, dock or their equipment.

§ 8 A docked boat that has not been launched by June 10th at the latest and for which the berthing contract has been terminated, can be launched at the responsibility and expense of the boat owner and transported away from Pyysaari to the place designated by the city for abandoned boats. Upon termination of the berthing contract, the possible storage locker rental agreement and the right to store loose accessories such as outboard motor, mast, sails, mattresses or similar items in Pyysaari will end. If the HTPS boat inspector determines that the boat referred in the agreement to be launched or transported away is in such bad condition that it is unlikely to withstand the move, the boat can be disposed of by dismantling. HTPS informs the owner of the boat who has entered into a docking contract of the boat’s transport away from Pyysaari or its disposal by registered letter to the address mentioned in the contract no later than 4 weeks before the procedure is carried out.

§ 9 The person who has concluded an agreement regarding a berth is responsible for berth fees and other contractual obligations even in the event that he hands the boat over to someone else. The liability is valid until the boat has been moved out of Pyysaari or the new owner of the boat has signed a new berth agreement with HTPS.

§ 10 The owner of the boat berth must have a continuously valid insurance for his boats in the club’s harbour or dock, which includes liability insurance. The member must, without a separate request, present proof of a valid insurance of the type mentioned in connection with the inspection. The owner of the dock space alone must send a proof of the valid insurance of the mentioned type every year before loading to the dock to the addresses and The contract for the boat berth expires immediately if the condition is not met.

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