Pysaari sauna

Sauna is primarily for use by club members.

Sauna reservation calendar

Club members make and, if necessary, cancel their own reservations in the calendar. You can make a reservation in three different ways.

  1. You can make an individual reservation using the Google form here, check that the sauna is not already booked in the calendar below.
  2. You can book a sauna through your own Google calendar: calendar addition, booking and changes here. (requires a gmail email address). If you do not yet have add rights to the Pyysaari sauna calendar, request them from (After logging in to Google Calendar, click Add when the program asks “Add calendar Pyysaari sauna”)
  3. You can book a sauna by making a reservation in the electronic calendar on the wall of the brake room on top of the workshop.

After booking, pay for the sauna with MobilePay number 22500 recipient Helsingin Työväen Pursiseura or account HTPS FI48 8000 1100 1192 89. Message in the field: Payer, date, sauna. Price see Fee table

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