The board of directors of the association is the management board, whose task is to manage the society’s activities and implement the decisions of the society’s meetings in accordance with § 8 of the rules. The management board e.g. selects the necessary officials, assigns the tasks of the committees, manages the club’s finances and prepares the club’s meetings

The mission of the management board is to

  1. manage the activities of the club and implement the decisions of the club meetings;
  2. choose the club’s accountant, member affairs manager, education secretary, harbor captain and other necessary officials;
  3. determine the functions of the comittees;
  4. manage the club’s finances;
  5. manages the club’s membership list and boat register;
  6. prepare activity and account reports as well as an activity plan and budget;
    convene and prepare club meetings;
  7. hire and release paid employees of the club;
  8. take care of the mixed running affairs of the club.

The management board has the right to publish instructions on inspecting the vessel, using the flag and boat tags, maintaining order and cleanliness in the club’s area and other activities aimed at making the members enjoy boating.

Management board members

Chairman Jorkka Terkko
040 414 7402,

Vice Chairman, Junior Sailing Director Ahti Nurminen
0400 998 604,

Housekeeper Ilppo Kivivuori 
0400 976 092,

Secretary Riina Lamminkari

Dockmaster Olli Perälä 
040 503 8912,

Adult Training Director Janne Louhikari

Board member Ari Meriläinen
050 555 6553,

Board member Reidar Studnitzkij

Board member Tuomas Silven

Board member Annamari Salmi-Vilhunen

Pyysaari, Henrik Borgströmin polku 3 | Postiosoite PL 65, 00811 Helsinki |