Pyysaari sauna rules

These rules have been approved at the board meeting on 7 March 2016 and updated on 6 September 2021.

1. Use of the sauna

During the sailing season 30.4.– 30.9. the sauna spaces are reserved for sauna and dressing room use only. The sauna room is reserved annually at certain times for the joint use of Juniors and competitors (marked in the reservation calendar), when it is not possible to reserve the entire sauna.

Pyysaari’s social facilities can be found on the upper floor above the workshop, where there is a refrigerator for club members. The refrigerator in the sauna facilities is only for use by sauna users.

Do not bring pets into the premises. You may not leave work overalls in the space either, keep them in your own closet or stands in the social spaces upstairs. Staying overnight in the sauna facilities is prohibited.

Outside the sailing season, the sauna room can also be used as a dressing room for boat restorers, but storing your own belongings in the room is never allowed. Restaurant, committees and the management board can also meet in the space or reserve space as needed for their use.

2. Sauna reservation and payments

Members have the right to use the sauna according to the fees determined by the members’ meeting:

1) Reserving the sauna only for your/your guests’ use for a certain period of time (€5/person/hour).

See the electronic booking calendar

2) Using the sauna (€2/member), with a mutually agreed men’s, women’s or mixed shift.

When someone has reserved the sauna for their own use, respect the reservation and stay away from the sauna area. If there are many reservations, limit the time of your own reservation to a maximum of two hours. Reservations can be made until 23:00.

Sauna fees can be paid with MobilePay at the number 22500 (message “sauna”) or to the strongbox in the sauna during the sauna session. Larger payments for subscription saunas can also be paid directly to the club’s main account, which must be reported to the housekeeper.

The restaurant has the right to reserve a sauna for staff and customer use.

3. Heating and cleaning the sauna

The smoke dampers in the saunas are always kept open.

The sauna wood is fetched from the woodshed. Chop the amount you consume with new trees to replace the ones you used (or at least participate in chopping the wood at a different opportunity) and carry wood to the sauna for the next user as well. If necessary, empty the ashes from the stove’s ash hatch – there is a sheet pan for that in front of the sauna. Before taking a sauna, always clean the floors of the sauna, washing and dressing room of debris.

If there are others entering the sauna after you, leave a small maintenance fire under the stove, the next sauna user can then add as many trees as he wants.

After sauna, remove all your belongings from the room and take the compost waste, empty bottles and cans to the designated waste points.

Sweep, dry the floor of the shower room and clean the places even after sauna.

Leave the sauna facilities after you tidy, the way you would like the facilities to be when your turn starts.

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