Tuesday races

You can get used to the competitive atmosphere in the weekly Tuesday races, which are free practice races starting in mid-May.

The races are suitable for beginner crews, and crew positions can be requested even at the last minute at Pyy’s docks. It is also nice to watch the Tuesday race from the terrace of the Pyysaari restaurant.

In these evening races to be sailed on Kruunuvuuorenselka, all boats start together, in the timed start at 18:00 in the Finrating handicap system.

The May–June competition series is called “Gold Cup“, August–September series “Krunika Race“. At the end of both series, the Women’s Cup of female skippers will be sailed. Registration, race instructions and results are on manage2sail.com.

The season ends with the Handicap Cup, which is sailed on season end the day of the flag lowering. Each boat is given a per calculated start time based on the handicap and they would reach the finish line at the same time if everyone is equally good.

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