Electricity use in Pyysaari

Electricity is only intended for temporary use in both summer and winter. Use is allowed only when you are present yourself or for a max 24 hours, when the start time and reason for use must be marked on the plug. Plugs are regularly unplugged by the janitor, unless there is a warning about the danger of submersion on the plug. Longer-term use of electricity (e.g. boat renovation) is agreed separately, see payment table.

Care and caution must be used when using berth electricity. The cables, wires and junction boxes used must be intact and approved for outdoor use. Ground power systems must have residual current protection.

When the boat is empty, no 230V electrical devices other than the battery charger may be used. So, for example, the electric heater must not be left blowing when leaving the boat, the refrigerator, etc. must use 12/24V from the battery, etc. The exception is the pump when the boat is in danger of sinking, in which case the boat must be monitored by yourself.

Use  of electricity  contrary to instructions will be stopped without warning.

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