Payment table

Fees 2023 AmountBilling time
Joining feesFull member300,00 €When joining
 Crew member90,00 € 
 Youth member (under 18v)20,00 € 
Membership feesVarsinainen jäsen70,00 €January
 Miehistöjäsen50,00 €January
 Nuorisojäsen (alle 18v)20,00 €January
Boat berthBerth placewidth in meters x 149 €March
 Guest berth overnight fee15,00 € 
 A dinghy, canoe or rowing boat (less than 5 m) that can be kept outside the dock area field or in Pursininemi.50,00 € 
 A boat stored on the land, which does not belong to the previous group, is charged for the summer as for a berth.width in meters x 149 € 
DockingIn the field (including summer storage of docking equipment). If the protective canopy built around the boat exceeds the surface area calculated from the dimensions of the boat by more than 2 m2, the invoice will be based on the dimensions of the canopy. Invoicing according to space usage.12 € / m2August
 Winter storage of an empty boat cradle9 € /m2 
 Indoor docking surcharge / season€ 150,00 
 Winter storage of only the mast€ 50,00 
 Summer docking (10.6-15.9) extra charge for berth7,90 € / m2 / kk 
 Undismantled canopy or other structure during the summer docking period 10.6 – 15.97,90 € / m2 / kk 
 Electricity fee for long time use30 s /kWh 
 In addition to the above fees, possible other city defined fees are charged according to the price list of city  
Other feesInspection and registration25,00 € 
 Storage unit50,00 € 
 Surcharge for neglecting to guard
in addition, a new guard shift
150,00 € 
 Additional fee for an uninspected boat during the season100,00 € 
 Inspections performed other than on inspection nights and after Midsummer, as well as re-inspections20,00 € 
 Hull inspections elsewhere than in Pyysaari20,00 €+ mileage allowance
 Hull inspection additional fee if not done when the boat is lowered into the water50,00 € 
 Use of a mast crane – for non club members30,00 € 
 Lifting the boat – for non club members50,00 € 
 Late payment interest for berth and dock feesIn accordance with the Interest Act 
 Payment reminder fee5,00 € 
OtherKey deposit25,00 € 
 Sauna private reservation20 € / h 

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