Youth committee

The task of the youth committee is to get young people involved in sailing and to encourage the club’s youth members to also participate in competitions. The established forms of activity are the sailing training organized in Pyysaari and the camp held after Midsummer in Pursiniemi, as well as the day camps of the Children’s Sailing School.

For the activities, the youth committee has Optimist dinghies, Zoom8 dinghies, E-dinghies, ILCA dinghy and RIB boats, as well as other equipment, at its disposal and maintenance responsibility.

Convener, Junior Sailing Director
Ahti Nurminen 0400 998 604

Aatos Kiiveri 050 567 8383

Pyysaari, Henrik Borgströmin polku 3 | Postiosoite PL 65, 00811 Helsinki |