Contact Information

Helsingin Työväen Pursiseura ry
Postal address PL 65, 00811 Helsinki


Visiting address Henrik Borgströmin polku 3, Laajasalo. You cannot send mailt to the visting address.
Coordinates 60°10,8′ P,  25°1,4′ I
Parking place Henrik Borgströmin tie 13, Laajasalo

Restaurant Table reservations and inquiries
Please note that outside of the sailing season, e-mails are rarely followed.
Telephone 09 698 0287 

Reachable during the sailing season Mon–Fri 10am–2pm,
telephone 040 661 7557 weekdays also between 4pm–6pm, also on winter time.

Payments to the club

MobilePay with the number 22500 to Helsingin Työväen Pursiseura or to the account HTPS FI48 8000 1100 1192 89. Message to the field: key deposit, guest berth + date, mast crane, sauna, etc. Show proof of payment, e.g. by phone, to the security guard or janitor when requested.

The club’s autumn meeting decides on the fees for members each year. They are published on the club’s website and in Boaters’s memo.

Joining and membership fees

The club’s joining fees are invoiced within one month of joining.

Club membership fees are billed annually in January. Membership rights – such as the right to speak and vote at member meetings – apply only to members who have paid their membership fees on time.

The contact person is the member clerk,, tel. 040 661 7557.

Port and dock fees

Port fees are invoiced at the end of March, the invoice also includes inspection and electricity fees. The harbor berth must be paid before launching the boat. Dock and locker fees are invoiced in August The boat may not be taken to the dock before the invoice is paid.

The contact person is the Harbor Master.

Change of contact information in the member register

Address, phone number and name changes to the club’s member clerk The change affects member mailings and, over time, also the committees’ contact information lists.

If your email address changes, be sure to also change it in the profile associated with the club’s website member area login, as it will allow you to revive your forgotten password.

Harbor Master

The boat register is maintained by Harbor Master. The Harbor Master is also our contact person to the city of Helsinki and he should be notified in unexpected situations, e.g. storm damage to the piers or boats.

Pyysaari, Henrik Borgströmin polku 3 | Postiosoite PL 65, 00811 Helsinki |